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  • Full-grain hydrophobic leather upper and OutDry laminated waterproof lining.
  • Hard-wearing rubber toe and heel reinforcements
  • D3O ankle cup inserts.
  • Rear calf stretch accordion.
  • Hard-wearing Vibram rubber sole.
  • CE certified.

OutDry: OutDry is an innovative patented process featuring direct lamination of the waterproof membrane to the upper. Thanks to this unique process, OutDry provides enhanced performance and overall comfort to the boots, particularly if compared to the traditional construction of waterproof bootie system which creates a gap between the boot and the liner. In wet conditions, water penetrates and stains between bootie and upper, therefore the boot becomes heavier and the membrane breathability is redueced due to the humidity and stagnant water. With Outdry technology instead the membrane is firnly bonded to the inside of the upper and there is no possibility of creating extra gap for water stagnation. The footwear remains better water-protected, lightweight, and breathability is maintained.

D3O Impact Protection: "D3O Impact Protection" developed in snow sports and military industry was first applied to motorcycle boots by Falco. "D3O Intelligent Molcules" flow freely when moving slowly but on shock, lock together to absorb impact energy. Transmitted force to ankle-foot area is significantly reduced thanks to D3O exclusive support.

ACF/Men | ACF/Women: Craft constructive system of the boot around the last reproducing men's or women's foot anatomy. This technique allows the boot to reach a higher level of comfort, to extend utilisation time and match different riding conditions.