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The new Tourmodular is homologated according to the new ECE 22.06 regulation and the dual P/J homologation. It is a very safe and comfortable modular helmet with an integrated DMC Mesh communication system, the highest standard of wireless communication between motorcyclists. The Tourmodular has been designed to tackle long trips with maximum comfort and safety. Outer shell made of carbon fiber, aramid fiber and fiberglass. Its soft interior made of Ritmo and Shalimar fabric with a custom fit system guarantees immediate absorption of moisture and sweat. It also has an integrated sun visor, as well as an efficient integrated ventilation system.

Technical Features:

  • External shell (external structure) made of a combination of carbon fiber, aramidic fiber and fiberglass. Available in 3 exterior sizes to adjust to the physical complexion of each rider. The interior incorporates EPS (internal structure) with 5 densities for optimal shock absorption. 4 sizes of inner EPS.
  • The shape of the helmet has been designed to maximize aerodynamic performance and have zero dynamic weight at 130 km/h (80 mph).
  • Metal chin guard opening mechanism that prevents accidental opening of the chin guard. The metal chin guard locking system ensures dual P/J homologation.
  • The shape of the helmet has been designed to minimize the risk of the energy generated by an eventual impact being transmitted to the collarbone area.
  • The ventilation system is made up of 4 air inlets in the front area and 1 rear extractor. The ventilation outlets are adjustable. It has 16 internal air extraction channels to offer maximum ventilation modulation and perfect air circulation in all conditions.
  • The interior has been designed to offer a stable, enveloping and pressure-free fit to minimize noise inside the helmet, as well as maximum comfort. It has Sanitized treatment (antibacterial), 2Dry (for excellent moisture absorption) and Microsense (for a soft and comfortable touch). The padding of the upper part has been made of Shalimar fabric for a soft and pleasant touch and the padding of the cheeks in Ritmo fabric to provide greater freshness. Wraparound nape protection profile. Reflective inserts.
  • Neck roll in Ritmo fabric and synthetic leather with high resistance to abrasions and water-repellent properties.
  • The interior is completely removable and washable.
  • Side padding design optimized for glasses wearers.
  • The new optical class 1 anti-scratch visor has been designed to offer a vertical field of vision of 85 degrees vertically and 190 degrees horizontally. Includes a 100% MaxVision Pinlock (120). The screen is up to 4mm thick for added security.
  • It has a micro-opening system for the screen.
  • Integrated sun visor with anti-scratch treatment; easily removable without tools.
  • The screen incorporates a patented closing system (VLS) that prevents its accidental opening.
  • The screen mechanism allows the screen to be removed without the use of tools and incorporates metal parts for greater resistance.
  • Cover and chin cover included.
  • Predisposition for the AGV INSYDE communication system. Tool to install the INSYDE communication system (sold separately).
  • Micrometric closure system.
  • Weight: 1,260 grams. +/- 50 g in the first shell size.
  • It has P/J homologation to circulate in total safety both with the helmet closed in full-face mode and with the helmet open in jet mode.

    Note :- This helmet comes with clear visor. Tinted visor is for illustration purpose only.