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The Shoei NXR has a brand new shell, smaller, slimmer and wind-tunnel perfected, with a new aerodynamic base 'spoiler' to provide stability, reducing lift and shake. The shell is constructed from 6 layers of carbon and multi-composite fibres, to achieve maximum shock absorption with optimum rigidity. The Shoei NXR features the 'Emergency Quick Release System'. By pulling the EQRS lining tabs, the helmet's cheek pads can be removed easily, allowing for the safe removal of the helmet, reducing the risk of injury to the neck and spine. The EPS lining, located directly beneath the shell, has two layers with different energy absorption limits, which work together with the shell to spread any impact laterally, away from your skull.

The visor has been made specifically for the Shoei NXR and is injection moulded, rather than the more typical polycarbonate construction. The curvature and thickness of the CWR-1 visor varies across its width to improve clarity no matter which part of the visor you look through. There are ribs on the top and bottom of the visor, whcih eliminates bending through wind pressure or during opening and closing. The visor mechanism has been especially developed to provide a sprung action against the rubber surround, providing an air tight seal. The visor has a quick release mechanism and the helmet comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert.

Venting gets special attention on this helmet, with three front intakes, one in the centre and two on either side, which work together with four outlets to give you a good flow of air evenly across the head. The inner lining is also brand new, with new cheek pads to improve fit, reduce wind noise and to provide a softer feel against the skin. The helmet is supplied with removable ear pads, which fit in the lining's ear 'space', further reducing wind noise. Together with the new visor and aerodynamic shell shape, the Shoei NXR makes for a very comfortable ride.


  • AIM Shell - Organic fibre and multi-composite fibres layered for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.
  • EPS-liner with multiple densities to provide optimised shock-absorbing levels.
  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident.
  • Double-D-Ring for secure fastening.
  • 4 Shell sizes for a perfect fit and compact dimensions.
  • Integrated ear pads for noise reduction.
  • 4 air inlets and 6 air outlets to provide superb ventilation.
  • Integrated rear spoiler for optimised aerodynamics and reduced wind buffeting.
  • ECE22-05