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The Ultimate Security Pack

Keep your ride safe and sound with this Keep It Safe security pack! With a range of quality Oxford products included to protect your ride at home, on the job or just while you're out and about, this is definitely a must have range to keep on hand.

Keep It Hidden! Oxford Aquatex Cover - Essential Motorcycle Cover

  • Double-stitched nylon for stretch and durability
  • Complete exterior and interior protection
  • Heat resistant to 150 degrees
  • Complete with an elasticated bottom and belly strap that allows snug fit
  • Includes carry case to store away compactly when not in use
  • Protects against rain, dust, sun and snow
  • Dimensions: 246 (L) x 104 (Front Width) x 127 (Front Height) x 35 (Rear Width) x 93 (Rear Height)
Alarmed While You're Out! Oxford Quartz XA6 Alarm Disc Lock

Disc locks act as a great deterrent for would-be thieves. This lock is equipped with a motion activated alarm that sounds a 110dB siren when moved to give you extra peace of mind.

  • Tough & durable alarm disc locks ideal for all scooters & motorcycles
  • Loud 110dB Alarm siren - Movement activated
  • Powered by a Lithium CR2 long life battery
  • Twin spar lock chassis for double strength & cut resistance
  • Alloy construction with 6mm hardened locking pin
  • Unique design; includes minder cable attachment eye & minder cable
Remember It's Locked! Oxford Disc Lock Reminder

If it works only once, it may pay for itself 100 times over!

  • Attaches from handle bar to disc lock
  • This simple lock reminder is designed to remind you to remove your disc lock before riding off by hooking over your handle bar and getting in the way of your hand as soon as you grip onto the bars to ride off.
  • A fantastic & cheap way to prevent this common mistake made by both beginners and the most experience riders.
Chain It Up At Home! Oxford HD Chain Lock 1.5m

The popular Oxford HD chain lock is a fantastic mid-range lock which is light enough to be easily carried with you but still sufficiently secure to deter would-be thieves.

The HD Chain Lock comes with three keys and key replacement service. On receipt of your chain lock, note your key number and keep in a safe place.
In the unfortunate event that you lose all your keys, a new spare can be made up for you.

  • Hardened 9.5mm square link chain.
  • Tough double locking padlock with hardened steel shackle which doubles as a disc lock.
  • Key dust cover
  • Three Keys
  • Key Replacement Service
  • ART 4114 approved
  • Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver approved