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HJC has been a key player in the motorcycle helmet industry for over five decades, and they still play to win. Through their extensive experience in specialised manufacturing, innovative designs, and excellent quality HJC Helmet Parts, they create motorcycle helmets trusted by racers and enthusiasts worldwide. HJC has been focused on manufacturing top-quality motorcycle helmets since day one. Now, they have curated an amazing range of motorcycle headgear for both street and off-road riding, all available in various colours and styles.

Behind the Brand

Founded in 1971, HJC has always made it their goal to give riders high-quality yet reasonably priced helmets. This mission has guided them throughout their years in the industry. As a direct result, they have successfully maintained their status as the #1 helmet brand in North America since 1992, according to Motorcycle Industry Magazine. They remain the brand of choice worldwide because of the impeccable quality and performance that every HJC Helmet offers riders.

All HJC Motorbike Helmets undergo a series of laboratory testing combined with “real life” assessments to maintain their top quality. HJC has its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing laboratory. This modern facility allows HJC to test ventilation, aerodynamics, and noise for every helmet. They have two factories strategically located in Korea and in Vietnam to provide helmets from entry-level to high-end.

Through the years, HJC has teamed up with some of the world’s most popular brands to create officially licenced Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel motorcycle helmets. They have also been continually pursuing the latest technology to ensure that innovations are always incorporated in HJC Helmets.

Why Choose HJC Helmets

From their HJC Full Face Motorcycle Helmets to HJC Modular Helmet, HJC has always prioritised rider protection. HJC Helmets meet the DOT Standard, which means their products are proven to reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities from head impacts for motorcycle riders. These helmets also meet the Snell Standard of the Snell Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organisation that has dedicated its time to research, development, and testing of helmet safety standards.

HJC has proven through the years that they can provide the protection every rider needs when they hit the road or the tracks. That’s why in 2016, they became the first helmet company to title sponsor a MotoGP race. They also have a great team of athletes that trust HJC in their most important competitions, including Andrea Iannone, Cal Crutchlow, Garrett Gerloff, Tonia Elias, and Nate Adams.

HJC Helmets are a rider’s dream protective gear. Their I90 Helmets is perfect for touring riders who enjoy the brush of the wind on open roads. It has a low-profile compact shell that’s lightweight and comfortable, perfect for any weekend adventure. It has a rapid-fire shield and an improved view, all packed in a stylish and sleek design. The I90 Helmets are also Bluetooth compatible with SmartHJC.

Why You Need HJC Helmets

Helmets are the most important piece of protective gear for motorcycle riders. It’s as simple as this: helmets save lives. This is a proven fact that research and studies have established for years. That’s why countries require all motorcyclists to wear helmets by law. HJC Motorcycle Helmets are designed to protect you from any crash to ensure you won’t suffer from severe head and brain injuries. They are a trusted and respected brand in the motorcycle world while still offering a good value for their cost. Athletes also test them in real-life scenarios to deliver their promise of optimum protection and performance.