Healtech RapidLaser

Healtech RapidLaser

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Professional frame and chassis check-up tool

RapidLaser is a cost effective, affordable frame and chassis check-up tool for workshops, race teams, used bike dealers and breakers. Determine misalignments and reveal hidden frame damages in a fast and precise manner.


Check & measure
Carry out proper frame and chassis check-ups and measurements effortlessly! Recommended for professional and individual use as well!

Versatile tool
With our kit, you can carry out these tasks:
› Rear wheel alignment check
› Bent/twisted swingarm check
› Bent/twisted headstock check
› Bent/twisted fork-leg check
› Wheelbase measurement

You're in safe hands
Built from quality materials and parts with longevity in mind. Supplied in a carry case, making storage and transportation safe and easy.


No matter whether it’s a road or track bike, perfect chassis alignment and intact geometry is a must. RapidLaser is your professional check-up tool, which will shed light on improper bike set-up and hidden frame and chassis damage/deviation.
One of the biggest advantages of the RapidLaser is that you can diagnose the bike without removing the fairings/bodywork, which is a real time-robbing exercise.
RapidLaser is a must have kit for workshops, race teams, used bike dealers and used spare part handlers/breakers as well. Even for individuals aiming for a perfectly aligned bike!


Rear wheel alignment check
Improper alignment of the rear wheel results in excessive wear on the sprocket teeth, drive chain, wheel bearings, cush-drive, axle and tire.

Bent/twisted swingarm check
Just like a misaligned rear wheel, a bent/twisted swingarm results in a poorly handling motorcycle, uneven tire and drive-train (chain and rear sprocket) wear but in a more serious and dangerous way. For safety reasons, motorcycles with a bent/twisted swingarm shouldn’t be used until the problem has been rectified. If the bike hasn’t been dropped, check the swingarm bearings first.

Bent/twisted headstock check
Motorcycle frames are prone to bending/twisting in case of a crash, even more in a frontal collision. Not only will the smallest deviation compared to the factory state render the bike useless, it is very dangerous for street and track riding and must be taken care of immediately. A frame damage is considered as one of the most serious damage to a motorcycle.

Bent/twisted fork leg check
Even a simple, slow-speed low-side can easily bend the fork tubes and lower triple clamp in one go, so this is another crucial area of bike checks, yet again, this has a very serious impact on handling.

Wheelbase measurement
An altered wheelbase can be a tell-tale sign of a frontal collision too, as a shorter wheelbase occurs only when the steering angle (rake) gets steeper (in case of a stock geometry bike). In order to carry out a successful wheelbase measurement, you need to have the bike in a factory condition regarding the drive-train: new, oem spec chain (including chain slack), sprockets front and rear, as the values given from the manufacturers only apply in stock trim.