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Healtech MultiMeter-5

Healtech MultiMeter-5

Untouched & Never "Tried On" Fresh Stock 🤝

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Multifunctional display unit

5 functions in 1! The MM5 is a full on laptimer, a voltage meter, a temperature display, a stop timer, and a current and total run counter. You can mount it almost on any kind of vehicles sporting a 12V system. Smarten up your dash!


5 great functions in 1
5 amazing functions stuffed into 1 compact package!

Advanced technology
Access all functions with a single remote button at ease!

Easy install & set-up!
Only 2 wires to connect and you’re ready to go!


The MM5 is a universal display unit for all kind of vehicles sporting 12V battery system – including motorcycles, ATVs, cars, kit cars, boats, trucks and even lawn mowers.

It has 5 different functions with a total 8 home screens. Air temperature, Battery voltage, Current and Total run, Engine hour meter, Stopwatch, Lap timer in a rather small but very smart package. Toggle between modes with a touch of a single, remote button or setup the auto cycle function. It’s a real eye candy wherever you may use it thanks to the blue backlit graphical LCD display. It’s perfectly readable in any conditions and 100% weatherproof. Get your MM5 today!


Battery Voltage Monitor
Constant Battery voltage monitoring with min/max display and memory storage. Programmable voltage alert and backlight shut-off.

Proper Lap-timer
Displays the current lap time along the last and best lap times. The three are shown at the same time in format. A large arrow sign indicates whether the new lap was better or not so. Learn circuits in a faster way with timed sessions, measured laps!

Engine Hour Meter
Resettable engine runtime meter might come very handy in certain applications where strict periodical maintenance procedures may apply, e.g. 2 stroke race machines, off-road and drag racing machines, world class racing applications, trucks, etc.

Air Temperature display
Comes with a wide range, high precision external temp sensor for accurate temperature display. Min/max temperature storage of current session. Switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit in the settings menu.

Current and Total Run logging
Stores the current and total duration of ignition-on sessions. Very useful at race track/ closed circuit sessions when every minute spent on track might be crucial. Know your runtime always!

Timer / Stopwatch with resume function
This function works as a stopwatch with pause/resume, and shows the elapsed time in format. The maximum reading is 99m 59.99s

Highly Advanced Technology
All functions can be accessed with a single remote button. Just cycle through the modes at ease. Replace the remote button with custom or aftermarket switch.

Easy set-up
Quick and simple installation, only 2 wires (pwr & gnd) to connect and you’re ready to go. Mounts anywhere with double sided adhesive tape on back.

Size DOES Matter!
5 different functions with a total of 8 modes in a compact package. Dimensions: 41mm / 1.61”(W) x 41mm/1.61” (H) x 12mm / 0.41” (T)

You are in safe hands
The MM5 is built to last – Rugged design, 100% waterproof. The leads are protected against reverse voltage, short circuit and high energy transients. Only high quality components have been used, and the epoxy layer construction gives extreme protection for the internal parts from shocks, vibrations and water.

Size & Weight

  • Size: 41 x 41 x 12 mm (1.6 x 1.6 x 0.41 inches)
  • Weight: 45g (1.58oz) (with wiring)