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The Dainese York D-WP riding shoe and Dainese York Air shoes are meant for urban riding so that means more of a balance between being on and off the bike since you still want to keep up enough style to be able to go wherever you need to go. These motorcycle shoes do come with a few extra features since they’re meant to be an updated replacement for the already popular Dainese Street Biker shoe. With a recommended retail price of about 140-160 Euros, or about 150-180 USD, depending on if you go for the perforated version or the waterproof version. These shoes will be competing with the Revit Arrow and Revit Jefferson sneakers.


These shoes are mainly made of lightweight materials perfect for the urban motorcyclist riding through city streets. There is cowhide suede along most of the shoe except for the toe. So, while this is leather, it will be more delicate than standard leather that you usually see. However, in the toe, these shoes also come with a gear shifter guard which is a nice addition over the Dainese Street Biker shoes. Although this does make them look more overtly like a pair of scooter or motorcycle riding shoes.


For protection, the Dainese York shoes do well. There are rigid inserts along the ankle to keep that part of the foot safe. These shoes also have some reinforcement in the heel. However, they do not come with any hard toe reinforcement, though they are still CE Level 2. The shoe uses a rubber sole and is meant to have a good grip to stop you slipping. Lastly, to keep you visible, the multiple reflective panels on the Street Biker have been replaced and consolidated into on larger panel in the heel.


Lastly, these are comfortable shoes and won’t differ very much in this regard from the Dainese Street Bikers. First off, the Dainese York DWP keep your feet dry thanks to Dainese’s waterproof D-WP membrane, which is great if you’re riding in wetter climates. However, your feet will still get some airflow in the shoe thanks to its mesh liner, which will give the shoe some breathability. And, if you still need more, then you can get this shoe in this perforated mesh version (the Dainese YorkAir), which will improve the airflow further with perforations in the leather and mesh all along the front and sides.

To keep them closed, there are standard laces. Lastly, at the top of the D-WP version there is also a neoprene splash guard to help with these shoes’ water proofing and prevent water entering the shoe.